The Ultimate Bodyweight Training Workshop

Featuring Meghan Callaway and Dean Somerset

Meghan Callaway

Dean Somerset

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When: July 15, 2023, 9am - 5pm

Where: SVPT Training 4456 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5R9

What: This is a hands-on workshop, please wear active clothing

Parking is available on site

Coffee and snacks will be provided, attendees will have to bring their own lunches or purchase fro nearby stores

This workshop will give attendees hands-on instruction and technical breakdown on how to successfully complete commonly used and poorly executed bodyweight exercises

In this workshop, we will dissect and break down technical components for successfully completing pull-ups, pushups, and single leg exercises, and include in each:

  • Common technical mistakes and how to fix them.
  • Pre-requisites for technical mastery in each
  • Coaching cues that really stick
  • Fundamental exercises to help support successful training
  • Working around common discomforts and finding successful ways to continue training without damage
  • Joint-specific requirements for each, PLUS ways to unlock stuck movements for each
  • Programming considerations to make it all work for you

Here's a breakdown of each section

Mastering the Pullup

Troubleshooting and Advancing Pullups

Breakdown proper pull-up form

common pull-up mistakes, how to avoid or fix them

Go-to pull-up cues

Fundamental exercises

Accessory exercises to support components of pull-up success

Working around common pull-up discomforts

BONUS! Muscle Up Performance

Total time: 2.5 hours

Mastering Pushups

Dissecting pushup form and technical requirements

Scapular issues, neck and spine positioning, and tension limitations and how they affect pushup performance.

common technique faults (elbows flaring, head low, sagging low back, poor snap movement) and how to fix them

Top coaching cues for better performance

Fundamental exercises to unlock pushup performance

Regressions and technical corrections to help build to better pushups

Preventing sore shoulders during pushup training

Advanced Variations

2 hours

Single Leg Strength Training

  • How to dominate common and uncommon single leg strength training drills like a pistol squat, RDL, cossack, and skater squat
  • The best cues for single leg strength training success
  • How to get strong from the floor up, including arch and foot strength, hip flexors, core strength, and keeping the knees strong
  • Common single leg strength training mistakes and how to fix them
  • Accessory exercises to help your single leg strength training
  • Preventing sore knees and hips during strength training

2 hours

Programming & Troubleshooting

  • How to build the best training program for successful skill development
  • training through common issues, like poor scapular control, low active mobility, weak core muscles, and other common challenges
  • Case studies outlining how Dean and Meghan would work with clients exhibiting specific challenges to their ultimate success

1 hour



Credits can be petitioned for other certifications as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if something comes up?

Refunds will only be granted for the following situations:

  1. Failure of the host to attend the event
  2. Failure of the facility to be operational at the time of the event. This would include maintenance or utility issues (heat, power), local government restrictions, or other factors that would prevent successful operation during the event
  3. You develop an illness the day of the event that would put you at an increased chance of spreading any cold or flu bugs to other attendees or hosts

Outside of these circumstances, refunds will not be provided. A space at a live event can be gifted to another individual, assuming they meet the above mentioned vaccination requirements.

Additionally, attendees are asked to NOT attend if you are ill, have anyone within your house who are actively ill, or or have recently (within the past week) been symptomatic with any cold or flu.

What if I can't do the exercises outlined? Will I still be able to participate?

Absolutely. The core reason for this workshop is to help people work towards accessing and mastering the compound exercises we're focusing on, so a large part of the workshop is on the exercises we use to help people get to their first reps. If you can't currently do a pull-up, you will still get a lot of value from the workshop.

Will you be recording this workshop?

Not at this time. The only way to take advantage of it is to attend live!

Will Continuing Education Credits be provided for personal trainers?

Yes. Details will be coming shortly as to how many and through which agency they will apply

Can I attend even if I'm not a fitness professional?

Absolutely! The workshop is based on building skills and competency with the outlined exercises, so while it would be a great fit for other trainers, it's actually geared more towards people who just want to learn how to do awesome things with their bodies!

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